The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

Chinese proverb


Did you know…

… that events can play a key role when it comes to fostering a culture of employee engagement? Not only do successful workshops and team gatherings encourage two-way conversations and stimulate creativity, they have also proven to motivate staff and align people with corporate objectives.

… that building a healthier workforce can reduce stress and absence rates, create an inclusive culture and improve your bottom line? Providing employees with the opportunity to gain knowledge and tools on how to boost their health helps fuel productivity and enhance organisational performance.

If you want to lift staff morale and inspire the people in your organisation to lead a healthier, active lifestyle, talk to us. We design bespoke corporate events that will turn your offsite, seminar or team gathering into an out-of-the-ordinary group incentive.

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Taking care of myself by cooking and eating balanced meals as well as exercising regularly has always been important to me. In recent years, however, by deepening my knowledge about nutrition and by looking at patterns of stress and chronic diseases, I’ve come to realise, even more so, how impacting some of our lifestyle choices can be on a personal and professional level. From my own experience, I believe that leading an active, health-conscious life carries great benefits, both on a physical and on a mental basis. And that’s how pine cone events originated: I decided to leverage my passion for creating, planning and organising bespoke events in order to put the wellbeing of participants at the heart of business gatherings. That’s why we're keen on creating events that provide solid takeaways to companies and their stakeholders.

Line Bauer, Director & Founder